LEGO officially reveal the Nintendo Entertainment System

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LEGO officially reveal the Nintendo Entertainment System

Build and play your very own Nintendo Entertainment System. LEGO officially reveal every retro gamer’s dream set.

Yesterday the internet was rife with speculation as LEGO teased a new collaboration with Nintendo. Today the company has revealed one of it’s coolest sets to date. The Nintendo Entertainment System.

Consisting of 2646 pieces the set looks like a complex build. As well as being able to recreate the classic NES console, a controller and even a Super Mario Bros. cartridge, you also get to build a retro style TV.

Modelled after an ’80s CRT television, the set contains a winding mechanism. Turning a handle on the side will scroll the screen and allow Mario to navigate a familiar landscape. In addition, if you place the Mario figure from LEGO’s previously announced Super Mario Starter Course on the top of the television, it will play the famous Super Mario Bros. theme.

LEGO’s NES set comes as part of the console’s 35th anniversary year. Ironically the LEGO set will cost you considerably more than the actual console would have when it first launched in 1985. Back then an NES retailed for £79.99. As we reported yesterday, LEGO’s version comes in at more like £200. To be precise, the set will go on sale on August 1st for £209.99.

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Demand is certain to be high. Check out for more details.

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