LEGO + Tron = Awesome!

LEGO + Tron = Awesome!

The light cycles of Tron: Legacy will be converted into plastic brick form thanks to LEGO Ideas.

LEGO Ideas have allowed LEGO fans around the world to submit their own ideas for sets they’d like to see on the shelves of toy stores across the world.

The process is simple. Fans upload their own creations to the LEGO Ideas website. If the project fails to receive 1000 votes in the first year, it is deemed unsuccessful and deleted, otherwise, they then have six months to reach 5000 votes. If this target is reached, the project then has another six months to reach the final target of 10,000 votes.

LEGO will then take a look at all the projects that reached the magic 10,000 votes, which in this case was from a period of January till May 2017, and the review board will decide which will become a retail LEGO set which will become available in toy stores across the world.

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The fan creations will undergo some design changes as the LEGO builders produce the final version.

I’ve personally bought two of these sets so far as they combine my love for both LEGO and some of my favourite childhood movies.

LEGO Ideas #004 was the Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine and #006 was the Ghostbusters ECTO1 vehicle.

For the latest round of LEGO Ideas there were eleven projects that made the target. They included a diverse range of ideas including the Blue Brothers police car, SEGA classic arcade machines, medieval watermill, Red Arrows Hawk and NBC’s The Office.

The chosen winner, however, was a LEGO recreation of the Light Cycle from Disney’s Tron: Legacy. The project had been created by Brick Bros UK, real brothers Tom and Drew from Devon.

You can watch the winning announcement video below, and there is a short interview with Tom and Drew here. The final design for the project including box art, release date and pricing will be announced at a later date.

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Yes, I’ll be purchasing a set for myself!


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