LEGO’s new Colosseum set is their largest ever at over 9000 pieces

LEGO’s new Colosseum set is their largest ever at over 9000 pieces

Rome wasn’t built in a day and with over 9000 pieces LEGO’s new Colosseum set will probably take a while to put together too.

LEGO have revealed their new ‘Creator’ set due for release at the end of November. It’s another model aimed at an adult market and is their biggest to date.

Depicting one of Rome’s most remarkable and famous landmarks, The Colosseum, the set is comprised of 9036 pieces. This measures in at 27cm high, 52cm wide and 59cm deep. Despite it’s colossal size, LEGO maintain that once built the set is easy to lift and admire from any angle.

Insanely detailed, this scaled-down version of The Colosseum allows you to peer through it’s famous arches, observe all three levels and recreate the hypogeum, the elaborate construction beneath the arena floor.

It’s not cheap though. In fact, for the same cost we – in the UK – could probably book a budget flight to Rome, see the real thing and still have change for a Latte. LEGO’s Colosseum set is priced at a penny under £450.00. That’s a lot of money for a lot of LEGO.

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Upon release on November 27th, The Colosseum will take the crown as LEGO’s largest commercially available set. A title held, until now, by the impressive ‘Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon‘ which is made up of 7541 pieces but retails for £649.99.

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