LEGO’s new Lunar Lander set is out of this world

LEGO’s new Lunar Lander set is out of this world

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s successful mission to put man on the moon, LEGO are releasing this incredible 1,087 piece Lunar Lander set.

In July NASA will celebrate the 50th anniversary of putting men on the Moon. Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” has been immortalised in history and LEGO will be marking the occasion by placing an even smaller step onto the surface of the Moon, kind of.

LEGO’s new Lunar Lander set is incredibly detailed. Special gold components have been manufactured and bespoke decals complete the look. Containing 1,087 pieces the set includes a two stage lunar module, two astronauts and a base that recreates the surface of the Moon.

The set is large enough to stand the two astronauts inside the main ship which itself is made of two sections. As with the actual Lunar Lander there are descent and ascent modules. The surface of the moon comes complete with craters, miniature footprints and an American flag.

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The only criticism one could level against this incredible looking set is that the astronauts appear to be re-purposed from another generic space set. It would have been nice if LEGO had spent some time creating authentic looking figures.

LEGO’s new Lunar Lander set is available from June 1st and costs £84.99.

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