LEGO’s Space Shuttle Discovery launches on April 1st

LEGO’s Space Shuttle Discovery launches on April 1st

LEGO will launch their most detailed NASA Space Shuttle set to-date on April 1st. Celebrating the anniversary of the first shuttle launch this Discovery set also includes the Hubble telescope.

NASA launched the first Space Shuttle on April 12th 1981. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this landmark event and NASA’s shuttle program, LEGO are releasing a 2354 piece replica of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Discovery didn’t begin active space flight until August 1984. Four years later in April 1990 Discovery would deploy a crucial payload, the Hubble Telescope. Set in Earth’s orbit and with huge mirrors, Hubble began to unlock secrets from the Milky Way and beyond. Giving us a view of the universe as never seen before.

LEGO pay tribute to this iconic moment in space advancement with this highly detailed set aimed at an adult market. Discovery’s shape and form is expertly represented in large scale. Measuring in at 21cm high, 54cm long and 34cm wide, this set is designed to be displayed.

Just like the 1990 mission, the payload doors of the shuttle can be opened to reveal a model of the Hubble Telescope, ready for deployment. Each model can be displayed separately or as part of one display.

LEGO’s Space Shuttle Discovery set launches on April 1st with a cost of £169.99. Check out for more details, pictures and for how to order.

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