Let’s make it official! Xbox Series S price revealed

Let’s make it official! Xbox Series S price revealed

Following a number of leaks in the last 24 hours Microsoft officially reveal how much the Xbox Series S will cost.

Like Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s next gen consoles will come in two flavours. Series X is a full-powered disc-drive bearing behemoth expected to be priced at $499 (£449) when it releases this November. Series S is the smaller, digital only, sibling.

Until now the price point for the Series S has been unknown. Common sense dictated that it would be less that the X. Leaked videos revealed, not only how much units are expected to retail for, but a lot more as well.

Almost 60% smaller than the Series X and costing a whopping $200 less too. The XBox Series S becomes the smallest console produced by Microsoft to date. It’s size and dimensions make it perfectly suited to sitting beneath a television without imposing. It’s price will appeal to casual gamers willing to forego the need for physical media.

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Microsoft responded this morning with a classy tweet. Let’s make it official, they say alongside a picture of the console and the official ‘Expected Retail Price’. $299 (£249).

They end their tweet with a promise of more information to follow very soon. What we know now is that the Xbox Series S promises low latency, high-performance gaming in a small, affordable digital-only format. Which should appeal to quite a wide demographic.


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