Limited Edition Black Panther Clarks Have All But Sold Out

Limited Edition Black Panther Clarks Have All But Sold Out

Pop culture and shoe collaborations are a regular thing these days, and British shoe manufacturer Clarks jumped on-board with a limited edition Black Panther tie-in.

Clarks as a shoe manufacturer are a British institution. Formed in 1825 they are long established as a producer of sturdy, well-fitting footwear for kids and geography teachers. The company’s reputation for quality is equalled only  by how notoriously uncool they are.

Naturally as a kid when the other boys had the much cooler Kickers, I had Clarks. Even in the ’90s when Britpop icon, Noel Gallagher, of the band Oasis boosted the brand’s credibility by wearing Clarks, I couldn’t shake that deep ingrained perception of how naff they are.

Regardless of my prejudice, Clarks continue to thrive as a brand and their recent tie-in with Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ movie has proven to be extremely popular.

Clarks Black Panther

Limited to just one thousand pairs, Clarks have produced a special edition of their Trigenic Evo range. Dubbed the ‘TriEvo Panther’, the shoe naturally comes in one colourway, the aptly named Black Interest, and appears to be some kind of shoe/trainer hybrid.

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Specifically designed to provide comfort, the shoe moves and moulds to the foot’s natural movement. Constructed mainly of premium quality leather with elastic joints that are designed to mimic human tendons.

A rubberised Panther logo and leather Marvel X Clarks tags are the only real branding.

At £180.00 each, the TriEvo Panther isn’t a cheap shoe, especially when you consider that the standard Trigenic Evo in black retails for a full £50 less. The high price point hasn’t put off fans of limited edition shoes or Marvel collectors with most sizes already sold out. But if you’re a UK 6, 7 or 8 then you’re in luck (at the time of writing).

You can find TriEvo Panther shoes at, and they do come with a pretty dope black and silver box.

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