Love Hultén’s latest retro gaming creation is a thing of beauty

Love Hultén’s latest retro gaming creation is a thing of beauty

Swedish designer, Love Hultén, is famous for his fantastic retro gaming creations. His latest is a thing of beauty.

Echoing the look of an old-fashioned CRT television set, Hultén’s beautifully crafted unit utilises modern components to provide a unique retro gaming experience.

Housed within the hand-crafted mahogany exterior is a 19 inch flat screen monitor providing a 4:3 aspect ratio and a Raspberry Pi loaded with an emulator that allows users to play classic games from a multitude of retro consoles.

The unit is configured to mimic the curvature of a CRT television and to replicate an authentic gaming experience. There’s also a satisfyingly chunky wooden volume control on the front.

As is standard, Love Hultén’s creations don’t come cheap and this version of ‘Yesterday Vision’ will set you back a whopping $2,799.00 which excludes VAT and shipping.

Larger bespoke versions can be ordered via

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