Lucasfilm Games Returns…Sort Of

Lucasfilm Games Returns…Sort Of

The Lucasfilm Games brand name makes a comeback to oversee licensed Star Wars games.

After creating Lucasfilm as a company within which to create films, George Lucas turned his attention to video games in 1983.

Lucasfilm Games was the name of this new division, and they joined forces with Atari to create games for their home computers. The first of these titles was Ballblazer in 1984 followed by Rescue on Fractalus!

As part of an internal restructure at Lucasfilm in the early 1990s, Lucasfilm Games was rebranded as LucasArts. This is what I remember as the golden age of PC gaming with the company releasing games that would go on to be regarded as classics in years to come.

Point and click adventure games were the staple releases with Maniac Mansion, the Monkey Island series, and several Indiana Jones titles.

By the end of the 1990s, LucasArts had regained the Star Wars licence and started producing more action orientated games as interest had waned for adventure titles. This time saw the start of the excellent flight simulator series Star Wars: X-Wing.

Everything carried on as normal until 2012 when Disney purchased Lucasfilm and effectively wound down LucasArts. In April 2013, despite having several games in development including the infamous Star Wars: 1313, LucasArts was shut down as a game developer.

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With just ten employees left, LucasArts was a licensor looking over which companies would develop Lucasfilm based video games. Electronic Arts was given the Star Wars licence until 2023 and Disney Interactive Studios handled most of the other options such as handheld and mobile games.

Today, Disney have announced that Lucasfilm Games has returned. Whilst they will not be a developer, just a publisher, this new banner will oversee all future Star Wars gaming content. They celebrated this announcement with a sizzle reel of recently released and upcoming Star Wars games.

Also, the twitter handle @LucasfilmGames had already been taken by a gaming fan with a huge love for the old developer. Today he revealed that he had moved over to @LucasArtMemory and had graciously offered his old twitter handle to the official company.

In fact, he revealed that he had offered the name to the official company over a year ago and that the twitter name was always there if they wanted it back.

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