M.A.S.K movie attracts Bad Boys For Life writer

M.A.S.K movie attracts Bad Boys For Life writer

A big screen reboot of mid-eighties cartoon ‘M.A.S.K’ has been in the works at Paramount Pictures for some time. Now it has a new writer on-board.

Because Hasbro are dedicated to film adaptations of their legacy toy lines (see Transformers), it’s entirely possible that a M.A.S.K movie will finally make its way to cinema screens in the near future.

Alongside Paramount Pictures, Hasbro have been developing a film based on the mid-eighties toy line for several years. Now it seems that the project may be gathering momentum as ‘Bad Boys For Life‘ writer, Chris Bremner, has reportedly signed up to pen the screenplay. Bremner joins director F. Gary Gray (Men In Black International) who has been part of the films development since 2018.

M.A.S.K is a toy line which launched in 1985. A cartoon accompanied the launch and ran for two seasons in 1985 and 1986 consecutively.

The show centred around the continuing fight between two dubiously named forces. M.A.S.K (Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand… yes, with a K!) were led by Matt Trakker. A blonde haired, blue eyed hero. Meanwhile V.E.N.O.M (Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem), were ruled by the evil Miles Mayhem. Each character wore a unique mask with a specific weapon.

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It’s basic stuff, but the appeal of the toys didn’t come from it’s lazy writing. The toys were, and still are, great fun. Based on a range of vehicles that look relatively normal at first glance, the cars, motorbikes and planes could transform into war machines laden with firepower.

A car that could fly, a motorbike that turned into a helicopter and a Jeep with a hidden speedboat? Great fun, and one of the few sets of toys I had as a kid that remain with me to this day.

Sadly, the film will likely be as terrible as the Transformers movies are, from a nostalgic adult perspective.

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