Mad Max + UK + Evil Monsters? = Sky One’s Curfew | MCM London Comic Con

Mad Max + UK + Evil Monsters? = Sky One’s Curfew | MCM London Comic Con

A new action drama features a race to freedom when everyone is indoors because of the mysterious curfew

At the MCM London Comic Con, we were able to see the first trailer for Sky One’s latest action drama, Curfew.

Very little is known about this eight-part series at the moment, but here is what we learnt from the trailer. The curfew of the show is enforced by the government and is protecting the general public from something that looks nocturnal and nasty.

However, not everyone likes living under this restrictive freedom. There is an illegal night race from London to the northernmost point of Scotland and the prize is freedom. How the freedom is applied and from what is still a mystery.

Curfew stars Adam Brody, Billy Zane, Miranda Richardson, Adrian Lester, Phoebe Fox, Robert Glenister and finally Sean Bean (you have to ask, will he survive through the entire series?).

Unfortunately, due to not being able to be everywhere at once at the MCM London Comic Con, we missed the panel. But, we did get to see one of the actual pimped out vehicles that were used during filming.

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I’m very excited about what I’ve seen so far and have high hopes for the series.

Curfew will air on Sky One in the UK, starting February 2019.


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