Malibu Shark Attack – The People Could Fly [New Music]

Malibu Shark Attack – The People Could Fly [New Music]

Malibu Shark Attack return with their first new song since 2014. ‘The People Could Fly’ took on a new meaning as the world responds to BLM.

Inspired by a book of the same title, ‘The People Could Fly’ took on a whole new meaning for Atlanta rapper, Tribe One. In the book a group of people are able to fly away from the brutality they face in life. In doing so, those who don’t have the ability to fly are left behind. As he penned his lyrics, Tribe One was bothered by this, his sympathies lay with those left behind. Why couldn’t those with the ability to fly help the others?

It wasn’t until the fallout of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police that the rapper’s perspective changed. Striving to find some poignancy in his words, Tribe One realised that those who fly are not merely escaping their situation. They’re not abandoning their people. They are the ones who have risen up. They have made their voices heard and actions seen in order to make a difference.

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In the song’s liner notes, Tribe One recounts the death of his friend at the hands of the police. ‘The People Could Fly’ is dedicated to his memory. Proceeds from this song will be donated to The Black Lives Matter Global Network, The NAACP, The Bail Project and The Atlanta Solidarity Fund.

Malibu Shark Attack are releasing new music for the first time since their self-titled debut album in 2014. At the core of the group are Tribe One, based in Atlanta, Georgia and Rocky O’Reilly from Belfast, Ireland.

Download ‘The People Could Fly’ now on bandcamp.

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