Too Many T’s – Sixty’s Ford | Video

Too Many T’s – Sixty’s Ford | Video

South London Hip-Hop duo ‘Too Many T’s’ are funding the release and promotion of their new album themselves. Here’s the latest single and video – Sixty’s Ford.

On a Wednesday night in Bethnal Green, South London’s Hip-Hop duo, Too Many T’s, packed out the Sebright Arms for a gig designed to showcase material from their forthcoming new album.

Leon Rhymes and Standaloft have been crafting their “Premium Rap Skills” since 2011 and since the first time I saw them perform in a shitty pub on Streatham Hill in 2012 their finely tuned live act has found them regularly performing on the festival circuit with shows at Bestival and Glastonbury to name just a few.

To fill a venue with a few hundred people for a mid-week gig (or “mid-week weekend” as Standaloft dubbed it) is credit to the hard work the two have put in to growing their audience. The wide ranging mix of age groups in attendance is testament to how accessible their music is. And in all the times I’ve seen the T’s live, they never disappoint.

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Branded by The Huffington Post as the U.K’s answer to the Beastie Boys, Too Many T’s brand of boom-bap hip-hop is mostly upbeat, bouncy and indelibly catchy. Leon Rhymes and Standaloft have charisma and charm on stage as well as a talent for infecting the crowd with their positivity that connects the audience to the performers. They’re funny too. All this aside, the chemistry the pair have when rapping is their strongest selling point. Their lyrical exchanges are flawless.

The T’s are taking the DIY route with their new album which is due out early next year. Showing great restraint they’ve been saving the money they’ve made from touring and are investing it into recording and promoting the new release, even hiring a PR company.

At the Sebright Arm fans were able to hear many of the tracks which will appear on the album, which is being produced by regular collaborator Odjbox and Flux Pavilion including Sixty’s Ford’ and their previous single release ‘Diamonds/Gold’. There’s also a third installment of their 1992 series. It feels like the album is shaping up to be a little harder edged that previous EPs and Mixtapes whilst maintaining the vocal stylings that have proven such a draw for so many fans.

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