Marc With A C | Unicorns Get More Bacon | Review

Marc With A C | Unicorns Get More Bacon | Review

Marc With A C provides observations of daily life, celebrity and more through a slightly cynical nerd’s eye view in the medium of acoustic pop rock.

Unicorns Get More Bacon is the latest album from nerd rocker Marc With A C. It’s a twelve track acoustic pop/rock LP over the course of which Marc With Air Conditioning provides observations of daily rituals and the often overlooked idiosyncrasies of the mundane, presenting them in song form with equal parts child-like enthusiasm and cynicism.

The tone of the album is very much upbeat. Jangly acoustic guitar, muted drums and unimposing bass are well mixed with the vocalist’s clear style emphasised with intermittent harmonies. In fact, the level of production is coming close to making a mockery of Marc With Asthmatic Concerns‘s self labelled ‘Low-Fi’ reputation.

Whilst tracks like Anything But Plain exhibit tremendous sincerity others like Ethics In Gaming are tinged with tongue in cheek humour and whimsy. Regardless of the motive behind each song, all are bursting with pop sensibility. You’ll be singing along in no time. For the nerdiest of nerds you’ll find enough pop culture references to keep you satiated, but the real charm of the album for me lies in Marc With Aggravated Conditions‘ ability to turn everyday happenings into charming stories in song form. I present Exhibit A: Where’s My Giant Robot.

Like the opening, title track – I Hate This Song and The Legend Of Dick Steel are clearly written with an audience in mind and give the listener a good idea of what a live performance from Marc With A Car might be like. Catchy, singalong hooks, never too serious and a tremendous amount of fun. Much like this album.

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Unicorns Get More Bacon is a feel-good, accessible, clever but not too clever album you could play at work and nobody would complain. But do Unicorn’s really get more bacon? Debateable.

Unicorns Get More Bacon goes on general release in March, but is available early if you pre-order a physical copy. Head over the bandcamp for ordering options and more.

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