The Marvel Comics Universe Is About To Plummet Into Civil War Again

The Marvel Comics Universe Is About To Plummet Into Civil War Again

As fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe prepare for civil war in the latest Captain America Movie, comics fans are preparing for Civil War II.

There’s more than one civil war going on at Marvel. Most movie fans will be aware of the next MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) release – Captain America: Civil War – which is set to rip our favourite heroes apart and pit them against one another in a plot loosely based on the Mark Millar / Steve McNiven comic event published in 2006/7.

Now the Marvel Comics Universe is coming up to another tipping point that will see our heroes pledging their allegiance to Iron Man or Captain Marvel.

Civil War II is a sequel of sorts to the 2006 publication. This time Brian Michael Bendis is the writer in charge of the comics event that will crossover many of the Marvel titles. Due to start in June this year the two main protagonists will be Iron Man and Captain Marvel who will be joined by teams of heroes divided on whether or not to use the skills of a unique Inhuman to predict future events.

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As a huge fan of Captain Marvel my gut instinct is to pledge support for #TeamDanvers, but with friendships and relationships stretched to breaking point Civil War II will no doubt turn out ugly.

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