Marvel Gain Exclusive Rights To Star Wars Comics

Marvel Gain Exclusive Rights To Star Wars Comics

Dark Horse lose out as Marvel gains exclusive rights to publish Star Wars comics and graphic novels.

It comes as little surprise that Lucasfilm and Marvel have announced that the latter will gain the exclusive rights to print Star Wars comics and graphic novels from 2015. With both companies owned by Disney it seemed inevitable that the rights would come in-house.

Meanwhile Dark Horse Comics who have held the rights to the titles since 1991 look set to lose a significant component of their roster. However, the rights are returning to their original home as Marvel were the original publishers of Star Wars comics dating back to 1977.

Dark Horse have published many successful series during their tenure and assure owners of digital purchases that their comics will remain available to them after the license passes to Marvel. Both the main Star Wars title and Star Wars: Legacy are set to end their runs in August 2014 with the former reaching edition #18 and the latter #20.

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It’s safe to assume that Marvel will have plenty of new titles lined up to coincide with the new films but Disney would be obliged to purchase from Dark Horse Comics original files for any plans to issue┬áreprints or usage of Dark Horse published material.

How do you feel about this move? After 22 years developing the series should Dark Horse be allowed to retain the license or are you looking forward to seeing what Marvel can produce? Let us know in the comments.

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