Marvel Studios @ SDCC | New Fanfare Reveal

Marvel Studios @ SDCC | New Fanfare Reveal

Marvel Studios last refreshed their intro fanfare for the cinematic universe less than three years ago. At SDCC this year they revealed a more movie centric upgrade.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Marvel Studios fanfare was refreshed with a newer take on the flipping comic book pages that preceded it. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con the superhero movie giants unleashed their latest iteration of the snippet we see at the beginning of every Marvel movie, and it’s a bit more cinematic.

It might be easy to read more into the new design than is necessary, but who doesn’t like even a tongue-cheek-conspiracy? Previous versions of the fanfare have paid obvious tribute to the company’s source of inspiration by featuring characters in their comic book forms straight from the pages, even though the movies don’t always stay faithful to the source material.

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Could it be then, that the new intro indicates a further departure from the link between the comics and the movies? In the images that make up the new Marvel Studios intro we see the movie characters in semi-digitised form rather than the comic characters they’re based on.

In truth there’s probably little in it. The new intro merely reflects more accurately what fans are likely to see on screen and if anything, over the last four or five years, we’ve seen the comics taking a lead from the movies rather than vice-versa in terms of character development.

Gone is the catchy music we’ve become familiar with, replaced by a piece composed by Michael Giacchino who provided scoring for JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot.

The new fanfare will be first seen ahead of Doctor Strange in cinemas this October.

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