Marvel’s Iron Man Comes To Playstation VR

Marvel’s Iron Man Comes To Playstation VR

The ability to play as Marvel’s Iron Man is coming to Sony PlayStation VR

Virtual Reality can be a great enhancement to video games when done correctly. Marvel has already dabbled in this area to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming. They created a short VR experience which allowed you to become Spider-Man and practise web shooting on a New York rooftop before a brief battle with Vulture.

Now Marvel has bought another high profile hero to PlayStation VR, Iron Man. From the recently released trailer, it looks like an attack on Tony Stark’s private jet leads to an in the air battle.

Watching the on-screen movement, it’s clear that this game will require the use of the PlayStation Move controllers. The footage makes the game look like an on the rails shooter, you can’t control where Iron Man flies, only what your shooting at. I hope there is a lot more as this is being released as a full game, not a free promotional tool.

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The other disheartening aspect of the trailer is that a lot of the footage has the disclaimer, “Not actual gameplay”. Hopefully, we’ll see better gameplay footage as the game is nearer to release.

You can see more information over at the official Marvel’s Iron-Man VR page over at


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