Matt Huynh | MA | Paperback & Free Online Comic

Matt Huynh | MA | Paperback & Free Online Comic

Not your usual superhero comic, MA follows a couple as they are forced to flee their home and families as the Vietnam War escalates.

MATT HUYNH is a Vietnamese-Australian artist based in New York City. His comics and illustrations are informed by sumi-e painting and shodo calligraphy. Creative Sydney Festival named him one of Sydney’s most innovative cultural contributors for his graphic novel work. His work appears in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection and his comics have been presented on the Sydney Opera House stage.

MA tells the tale of a young couple forced to flee their homes and family as the Vietnam War escalates. They find sanctuary within the Pulau Bidong refugee camps of Malaysia where they treasure moments of romance and silliness as they learn to raise two boys awaiting news from home and their uncertain future.

The book is available in paperback as well as being freely available online at

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