May The Fourth Be With You | It’s Star Wars Day

May The Fourth Be With You | It’s Star Wars Day

It’s May 4th, an internationally recognised day of celebration for all things Star Wars!

May the Fourth, May the Force… honestly, if I need to explain it you’re in the wrong place.

As we fast approach Star Wars’ fortieth anniversary, May the Fourth celebrations may be somewhat muted this year.

However, fans are sure to enjoy the saga today as we look forward to the big birthday party later in the month.

Star Wars may have hit cinema screens on May 26th 1977, but May the 4th has been a day of celebration which originates as far back as 1979 thanks to its obvious similarity to the famous line from the films “May the force be with you” and also former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher… Wait, what?

Apparently so. On May 4th 1979 the British Conservative party put out a full-page advert in the London Evening News newspaper to celebrate the election of the U.K’s new Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. The ad read “May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations”.

The pun has stood the test of time and has now been thoroughly owned by Star Wars fans who often celebrate the day with a movie marathon, by dressing up or just generally basking in the saga we’ve all grown to love over the last forty years.

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