MC Frontalot – Freedom Feud | Video

MC Frontalot – Freedom Feud | Video

The godfather of Nerdcore hip-hop is back with a brand new video for a brand new song titled Freedom Feud.

Fans have waited a long time for new music from MC Frontalot, thankfully the wait is over as the founding proponent of Nerdcore Hip-Hop gifts us a new track and video titled ‘Freedom Feud’ – “A song about people arguing about free software“.

The song has been commissions by opennms – “the world’s first enterprise grade network management platform developed under the open source model“.

The track marks the first new release from Frontalot since his August 2014 album, ‘Question Bedtime‘. The album found the rapper drawing inspiration from traditional tellings of familiar fairy tales with a twist.

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In our interview MC Frontalot discusses his first encounter with rap music, ‘Question Bedtime’, the many guest vocalists who appear on the album, and how “aiming high” has worked out well when securing big names for his customary skits.

About MC Frontalot – MC Frontalot created the term “nerdcore hip-hop” in 2000 to describe his sad little enterprise. It has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon with hundreds of practitioners, various national and international touring artists, two feature documentaries, and blah blah blah. Know where would be a good place to look up information about Front and nerdcore? THE INTERNET. You’re soaking in it!

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