MC Lars | 22 Concepts (But A Hit Definitely Still Ain’t One) | Mixtape

MC Lars | 22 Concepts (But A Hit Definitely Still Ain’t One) | Mixtape

Songs that didn’t make the album, collaborations, concepts and goofs. These are 22 tracks by or featuring MC Lars. And not a single one is a hit.

Under my influence, my friend Ben took a punt on an MC Lars album. He paid real money digitally and downloaded Lars’ mixtape 21 Concepts (But A Hit Ain’t One). “I didn’t think it was very good” was an approximate review. Good news! There’s more for Ben not to like in the form of 22 Concepts (But A Hit Definitely Still Ain’t One), it’s one bigger you see?

Consisting mainly of goofy songs or tracks that never reached their full potential 22 Concepts isn’t to be taken seriously, though that’s not to say that you won’t find a degree of quality for your listening pleasure, – prominently the collaborations Lars has contributed to are the more accomplished on this compilation. MC Frontalot fans will be familiar with his version of Captains of Industry, there’s Adam Warrock‘s Snows of Kilimanjaro, Beefy‘s Hax which also features Mega Ran as well as Malibu Shark Attack‘s Back To The Start with Tribe One on vocals.

Short punk songs on topics such as peeing in the pool offer comic relief, but most interesting to me are the concepts for Lars’ forthcoming new studio album The Zombie Dinosaur LP that didn’t make the cut. The new album features a number of sequels to previous MC Lars songs (Kickstarter backers already have their downloads of the album which goes on general release in early November), but there are a couple that didn’t make the final release which fans will be curious to hear. Download This Song and Signing Emo are huge fan favourites from the 2006 release The Graduate which receive a revisit in 2015 in the form of Crowdfund This Song and Signing Dubstep. The former sounds like it wasn’t ever really developed whereas Signing Dubstep feels more complete but requires a little more polish in production.

Two tracks that did make it onto the The Zombie Dinosaur LP also feature on 22 Concepts in the form of remixes by Samarei Session (Zombie T-Rex) and DJ RoboRob (Dragon Blood).

22 Concepts (But A Hit Definitely Still Ain’t One) can be found at and downloaded for a suggested donation of $5. The Zombie Dinosaur LP can be pre-ordered now from MC Lars’ bandcamp page for $10.

Stay tuned for a review of The Zombie Dinosaur LP soon.

22 Concepts (But A Hit Definitely Still Ain't One)

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