MC Lars | Triforce | Official Video

MC Lars | Triforce | Official Video

MC Lars channels his sentimental side for the self reflective track ‘Triforce’ from his forthcoming new album.

From The Zombie Dinosaur LP due out next month comes the third track and accompanying video. Triforce finds Lars in reflective mood writing to people important to him from the past, present and future as well as taking a little time to check in with himself.

MC Lars, who now famously wears a Zelda NES cart on a chain for performing, takes the title of the track from the game where the Triforce represents Courage, Power and Wisdom.

If you haven’t already, check out the videos for Dragon Blood and The Ballad of Hans Moleman. The Zombie Dinosour LP should drop in October and with luck Lars will be joining us on the Word to the Nerd podcast ahead of the album release. Stay tuned here and keep an eye onĀ

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    September 02, 2015

    Perfectly timed – needed to hear this! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday Will!


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