MC Lars X Spose | Pokémon GO Rap

MC Lars X Spose | Pokémon GO Rap

Pokémon GO raps are coming thick and fast as the augmented reality game continues to thrive. MC Lars and Spose have teamed up to highlight some of the dangers associated with the game.

It seems MC Lars and Spose are as addicted to playing Pokémon GO as the rest of us, and their new video and song titled ‘Pokémon GO Rap’ could be treated as a health and safety tutorial as the pair fall foul to some of the pitfalls of trying the ‘Catch ’em all’. The video debuted on Nerdist yesterday.

Fellow nerdcore rapper, Mega Ran, dropped his own Pokémon GO rap and video just a day earlier which somewhat shares the sentiment of Lars and Spose. With so many societal problems in the world some might consider a mobile phone game to be something of a distraction from more serious matters. On the flipside, it could be exactly what we need right now to help find small joys away from troubled times.

Mega Ran and MC Lars will be heading to the UK towards the end of the year as they tour together with MC Chris and Koo Koo Kanga Roo.

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Lars previously collaborated with Spose on a track from his last album The Zombie Dinosaur LP titled Party With Lars which would indicate that the pair get a little silly in each other’s company.

About MC Lars | Northern California rapper, MC Lars, recently released his 4th full-length studio album, the Zombie Dinosaur LP. He has returned home to the Bay Area after living in Los Angeles these past three years, and is self-producing his new album with help from friends in Berkeley and San Francisco.

About Spose | Producer and emcee Spose, hailing from Wells, Maine USA, has been making music since age 9 and rhyming since 1999 when he was 14. Since the release of his debut album “Preposterously Dank” in 2008 on his own imprint, Spose has seen his musical endeavors reach a new plateau.

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