MCM Comic Con: A 25th Anniversary Clerks Reunion

MCM Comic Con: A 25th Anniversary Clerks Reunion

Cast members from Kevin Smith’s Clerks came together at MCM Comic Con London

Several Clerks cast members were in appearance at MCM Comic Con London in May and I was there to see them.

Kevin Smith is one of my favourite directors and I remember that Dogma was the first film of his that I saw in 1999 at the cinema.

I enjoyed the film so much that I started to check out his back catalogue at that point and if I remember correctly, I watched them in reverse order. Therefore, his first film, Clerks, was the fourth film I saw.

So I was admittedly rather excited when MCM Comic Con London announced that at their May show several of the cast members would be in attendance.

The short but impressive list included Brian O’Halloran (Dante), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Veronica), Scott Schiaffo (Chewlies Rep) and Jay himself, Jason Mewes.

When I arrived at MCM Comic Con London for the first day, Friday, the queue for autographs was already in full swing. I’m guessing there weren’t many full-blown Kevin Smith fans as Jason was the only one of the four who had a queue waiting.

As a fan, I got the autographs of Brian, Marilyn and the Chewlies gum guy who has a real name, Scott. I already had Jason’s autograph from a previous con many years ago.


Brian O’Halloran (Dante), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Veronica)

In the afternoon, the four of them convened on the main stage for a 45 minute Q&A session where we the audience learned several nuggets of new information.

Jason Mewes had just flown in not from the USA but from the North England town of Derby. He is currently trying to put the finishing touches to his first directorial debut which he also wrote.

Entitled Madness in the Method, the film follows Jay as he tries method acting to gain respect from his Hollywood peers but ends up descending into madness. I had to pull this from IMDb as Jason refused to describe the plot as he said he couldn’t do it justice, his description would sound poor and no one would go to see the film upon release.

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Jason said he prefers to stay quietly most of the time and told a story of when the paparazzi were trying to ask him about Jay & Silent Bob Reboot earlier in the year, the latest film from Kevin Smith.

Kevin had told Jason about the start of production and that it was going to shoot in New Orleans, so Jason relayed this information to the paparazzi. The information appeared in an online article within the hour.

Jason was then surprised to then receive texts from both Kevin and his wife Jennifer demanding to know what the f**k was he doing! Jason thought the information was not that exciting but it turned out that the producers wanted to make that announcement very shorty, he had beaten them to it.


Jason Mewes (Jay) with Scott Schiaffo (Chewlies Rep) on the sofa

Jason confirmed that hopefully, a trailer for Madness in the Method will appear next month (after shouting backstage to his producer). Also, Jason wasn’t accustomed to the unique British slang used here although he enjoyed it immensely, “Hello you wankers!”

According to Jason, Madness in the Method will also be the last on-screen appearance of the late Stan Lee.

Brian revealed that his famous line from Clerks, “I’m not even supposed to be here today!”, doesn’t bother him all after being asked if he’s sick of hearing it. The appearance in Clerks has allowed Brian to buy two cars and travel around the world.

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He also bestowed praise upon Jason for the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot for “acting his arse off” and congratulations for his first film as a director.

Veronica was asked if she had actually bought pasta to a boyfriend at work to which she replied in the affirmative. She also addressed a rumour that she only got the role of Marilyn as she could instantly cry on cue.

The four of them recounted several tales of the Clerks shoot which was essentially a group of friends making their first film with the help of several actors.

Jason was apparently so nervous on set that everyone had to leave when it was his turn to shoot. They would start the camera rolling and then everyone would have to leave. Jason would act out his scene and then shout out for everyone to come back.

Other stories included the fact that director Kevin Smith wouldn’t allow any deviation from his script and that Seth Green almost replaced Jason Mewes in the film Mallrats. The studio didn’t really like Jason and so he had to audition for the role of Jay and then perform perfectly on day one of the shoot.

I haven’t forgotten about the Chewlies Gum rep as played by Scott Schiaffo. He is now a sound composer with his own digital studio and works primarily on independent features.

The forty-five minutes flew by and sadly before I knew it, the Q&A was over. Since ReedPop has taken over MCM Comic Con last year, it looks as if this con is going to get better every year.

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