[MCM Comic-Con London] Dark Horse & IDW Announce Star Trek / Aliens Crossover

[MCM Comic-Con London] Dark Horse & IDW Announce Star Trek / Aliens Crossover

In a joint panel between IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics a surprise crossover event was announced. Star Trek: The Next Generation and Aliens.

Dirk Wood of IDW Publishing and Matt Parkinson of Dark Horse Comics teamed up for a joint panel at MCM Comic-Con London yesterday which mostly consisted of fielding questions from attendees for the hour long duration.

Highlights include a new IDW/DC Comics crossover for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman following the success of their recent collaboration. This time the aesthetic will take cues from the animated series.

IDW’s Dirk Wood also confirmed that following the success of their first foray into television with Wynonna Earp and recent release of Dirk Gently that the company are fully funding further televisions series, their next comic title to receive the treatment being Locke & Key.

Dark Horse, celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, revealed new Hell Boy titles with original creator Mike Mignola as well as promoting their recent Aliens re-issues. It was this news that ultimately led to the biggest reveal of the panel, an unlikely crossover between IDW Publishing and Dark Horse. Star Trek: The Next Generation / Aliens.

With Wood and Parkinson placing bets on which Star Trek character would be first in line for a chest burster (the smart money is on Data btw) the series will certainly take both franchises into unfamiliar territory.

The series will be titled ‘Acceptable Losses’ and will be led by the creative team of the Tipton brothers and J.K. Woodward who collaborated on a previous Star Trek / Doctor Who comic.

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