#mcmLDN17 | MCM Comic Con London 2017 | Review: Future Man

#mcmLDN17 | MCM Comic Con London 2017 | Review: Future Man

The bearded boys of The Unheard Nerd made their annual trip to MCM Comic Con in London this weekend to get some sneak peaks, inside news and celebrity revelations whilst taking in all the big red carpet has to offer.

Will and I sat down at the London MCM Comic Con to watch the UK premiere of Seth Rogen’s science fiction comedy, Future Man.


A janitor by day/world-ranked gamer by night is tasked with preventing the extinction of humanity after mysterious visitors from the future proclaim him the key to defeating the imminent super-race invasion.

My Thoughts

I had already seen the first trailer for Future Man, a new science fiction comedy premiering on Hulu on November 14th, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Coming from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the duo behind such films as Superbad, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and This Is The End, it certainly bears the hallmarks of their kind of crass and shocking humour.

The trailer is only three minutes long, but it packs in so many references to other science fiction genres including Back To The Future and The Last Starfighter, which is even mentioned by name, I came away with the impression that the show was simply trying too hard to be funny.

But as a science fiction fan I was still willing to give the show a chance and when I saw the Saturday timetable for the London MCM Comic Con, I noticed that Sony was to premiere the first episode, the first official airing for a UK audience.

The episode was introduced by the announcer and we were treated to a brief introduction from Derek Wilson who plays a key role in the show. He apologised that unfortunately no one could attend in person but hoped we enjoyed the first episode.

[DISCLAIMER] The sound for this presentation was nice and loud but due to the phonics of the environment, I, unfortunately, couldn’t hear every word that was said.

Josh at his favourite pastime.

Future Man opens with the titular character saving a group of children from a squadron of heavily armoured soldiers. The action is quite impressive, and the sequence looks like it could’ve been pulled straight from a Terminator movie.

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Once Future Man completes his rescue, he informs the children they are safe and they all thank him, chanting the name Josh. Future Man becomes quite aggravated, trying to correct them, “No! It’s Future Man!”

The children don’t let up, repeating the name Josh over and over despite his claims to the contrary. It transpires this was a dream and Future Man is really someone called Josh being awoken by his father.

Josh Futterman (The Hunger Game’s Josh Hutcherson) is a young man who still lives with his parents. During the day he works as a janitor at a scientific research laboratory and he’s not a very good one either.

In his spare time, even at work, he likes to play The Biotic Wars, a typical first-person shooter that has yet to be beaten by anyone in the world. It is Josh’s dream to be the first at anything, to achieve something with his life that no one else has, even if it is completing a video game!

After another day at work where he happens to meet the head scientist of the research laboratory, Dr Elias Kronish (Keith Goddamn David), a man dedicated to finding a cure for herpes, Josh sits down for another epic gaming session.

However, this time, the unthinkable happens, Josh completes the game. Josh is ecstatic, but no one is around to celebrate with him, even his parents have gone out for the evening.

Deciding to celebrate in his own way, and I’m not going to spoil the best joke of the first episode here, Josh is quite alarmed when two futuristic soldiers appear in his bedroom.

Future Man

Warriors from the future, Wolf and Tiger.

These two soldiers, a woman known as Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and a man named Wolf (Derek Wilson),  believe they have found the ultimate warrior as proven by the video game. Only Josh can help them rescue humanities future by killing a someone before they are even born, that person being Dr Elias Kronish from the research laboratory where Josh works.

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I’m happy to say that this show is very funny due to both its own comedy and all the references to some of our favourite science fiction films and television shows.

You don’t have to understand all these hidden jokes and references to enjoy Future Man but it will bring an extra laugh or two to those who do.

The main plot is obviously a reference to The Last Starfighter but then it soon becomes a twisted version of Back To The Future with shades of Quantum Leap. There’s even a Pulp Fiction reference thrown in there as well.

Future Man did throw out so many references that I felt it came very close to almost having too many. I do wonder if the show will maintain this level in future episodes. The online trailer certainly reveals some very big homages still yet to come.

An extra layer of comedy has been achieved with Wolf and Tiger whose only existence is a war-ravaged future, where mankind has almost been wiped out and then placing them in an environment which is the complete opposite. After living off rats, Tiger certainly can’t get enough of pickles!

All of this fun had been packed into just under half an hour! I quickly realised that the first trailer I had seen had used footage from the entire series. I had been too quick and misjudged the show.

Unfortunately, Future Man’s first episode ended just as the big story started to get going and I was left wanting more.

I’m currently a huge fan of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen’s adaptation of Preacher and this is certainly another show of theirs that I’ll add to my watch list.

Once the episode was over, we were invited to speak on camera and give our thoughts about the show to which Will and I spoke enthusiastically about what we had just seen. We learnt that as of yet Future Man has no broadcast date or channel in the UK.

You lucky US citizens can watch Future Man on Hulu starting November 14th.



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