#mcmLDN17 | MCM Comic Con London 2017 | Wrap-Up Part Two

#mcmLDN17 | MCM Comic Con London 2017 | Wrap-Up Part Two

The bearded boys of The Unheard Nerd made their annual trip to MCM Comic Con in London this weekend to get some sneak peaks, inside news and celebrity revelations whilst taking in all the big red carpet has to offer.

In part two of our MCM London wrap-up we take a look at some of the highlights from the floor. And boy! Is there a lot of floor. According to the ‘Health’ app on my iPhone we walked a whopping 10.9KMs in the day. That’s 17,700 steps! I think I worked off that burger and wedges I had for lunch.

Varying types of transport were a feature of our day at MCM. Our journey to Excel London involved a car, train, tube and ultimately the Thunderbirds themed Emirates Cable Car from North Greenwich to the convention centre across the river Thames. There’s something quite grand about flying into a con via Cable Car.

Vipers and Raiders

There were plenty of modes of transport to be found as you walked the North and South sides of MCM London. Perhaps one of the more easily missed highlights for us came on the Eaglemoss Hero Collector stand. Tucked away in one corner of their display were some unremarkable, yet very distinct spacecraft from one of my all-time favourite sci-fi shows. Battlestar Galactica.

Slightly rough grey moulds of two BSG Viper MkII craft (one from the original show, the other from the reboot) flanked a modern designed Cylon Raider.

Quite large in scale we were told that these three models were the very first test pieces for a new BSG range. It’s still early days in the production process.

When we asked the possible retail price for these models the response ranged dramatically from £30 or £40 to as high as £80 per model. A high price. But as was explained, these ships will be finished to a very high standard and painting them to look worn, replicating the look from the televisions shows, will be a lot harder job that producing the pristine Star Trek ships from another of their collections.

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Expected in 2018, Battlestar Galactica fans will want to check these out, even if they are beyond budget.

MCM London General Lee

Just them Good ‘ol Boys

The General Lee may be a relic from a less politically correct era, but I still get a kick out of seeing a bright orange Dodge Charger with 01 emblazoned down the side. In previous years MCM London has featured a replica of Doc Brown’s Delorean time machine from Back to the Future. It was a nice change to see the General on display thanks to the folk at dukesofhazzard01.co.uk

MCM London Batmobile

Big Bats and Little Bats

As a centrepiece to a prominent Justice League area stood a full sized Batmobile. The eyes of the security guard (I suspect a trained killer) warned off anyone considering touching the beast. But you could have a go at driving another version of the same car.

To one side of the full sized Batmobile, a racetrack had been laid out so that con-goers could get their hands on a scale model of the car. Operated by wifi you could (in theory) navigate the smaller Batmobile around the course. In reality, the wifi was taking such a hit from the thousands of social media savvy attendees that control of the car was sketchy at best. I winced as The Unheard Nerd’s movie editor, John, rammed the car into the barriers.

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If you could finally pull yourself away from the Batmobiles you could have your photo taken. Using, presumably, a Snapchat filter on a mobile device, I was magically transformed into Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. I had to be Aquaman, the beard makes for a very scary looking Wonder Woman.

You could also be digitally embedded into the Justice League via the wonders of green screen technology. I did have a go at this too, but the picture is yet to appear in my inbox as promised. Perhaps the wifi blackhole encountered at Comic Con sucked it into Bizarro World?

MCM London Powerpuff Girls / Game

Powerpuff Plumber?

Misleading heading is misleading… No regrets. Cartoon Network were in attendance again this year and with them they brought the Powerpuff Girls and a full-sized London taxi cab being propelled into the air. Rumour on the street is that there’s a new Powerpuff Girl on the way, and no, it’s not just to address the balance of ethnicity for the formerly all-white Powerpuffs. Drawing that conclusion would just be cynical!

It obviously is though.

Everyone’s favourite Italian plumber was in the house too. Mario stood proudly on the side of a double decker. GAME packed the big red bus full of Nintendo Switch consoles as a promotional push for the newest Mario adventure, Super Mario Odyssey.

MCM London Thor

Thor the love of God!

Finally (for now), the God of Thunder wasn’t making many friends by straddling the back of a New York yellow cab. Giving a rather stiffer than usual performance, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor was on display in the Marvel area. His antics fell rather flat.

It was a cardboard cut-out you see…


…never mind.

Our MCM London Comic Con 2017 wrap up continues tomorrow…

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