Mega Ran & Mister Wilson | Blur Bomber | Album

Mega Ran & Mister Wilson | Blur Bomber | Album

Nerdcore/Gamer hip-hop rapper Mega Ran collaborates with Mr Wilson for a release that brings together two classic gaming heroes, Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Mixing up chiptune flavours with old school flows and enough game references to satisfy even the most fervent of Mega Man or Sonic fans, Mega Ran and Mister Wilson have produced something that transcends being merely an obvious homage to two gaming giants. They manage to reflect on life, promote a positive outlook whilst using the subject matter to help paint the picture. This is never more clearly presented that in Mega Ran’s solo track Best Friends.

Blur Bomber is an unashamedly indulgent creation that revels in it’s own nerdiness with shout-outs to some of Nerdcore Hip-Hops current most prolific in Lava Reef, featuring Storyville, and Mega Man Legend.

There are three packages to choose from if you buy via bandcamp. For $7 you can get your hands on a digital download, $10 gets you a limited edition CD with bonus track and the hefty sum of $30 will afford you the Blur Bomber Megasonic Pack which contains a signed CD, a poster, sticker, pin pack and the digital download. Quite the haul!

Blur Bomber is out today!

WORLDS COLLIDE! An epic journey with two of gaming’s most iconic figures, Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog. Random, aka Mega Ran, the world’s most foremost hip hop gamer, brings his brand of “chip-hop” to a new level by teaming with New Jersey based battle rapper Mister Wilson, an avid fan of Sonic, with seamless chemistry over spaced out production.

Will Harrison

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