Mega Ran | RNDM | Review

Mega Ran | RNDM | Review

RNDM feels thoughtful, personal and like the beginning of a brand new chapter of Mega Ran’s career.

About a year ago I interviewed Mega Ran in the green room of Surya, a small, basement, indie club in Kings Cross, London. We talked about how best to address his stage name. He began putting out music with intent over eight years ago under the name Random. Addressing social and cultural topics his first album The Call didn’t circulate as well as the rapper would have hoped, in fact his popularity really began to rise when he turned to more dorky subjects, like video games – and people seemed to take to his new moniker based on the video game character Mega Man – Mega Ran. So a year ago he answered the question and settled on Random aka Mega Ran, though if you listen to that interview you’ll pick up on some indecisiveness, like he wasn’t truly committed to that decision. Fast forward to September 2015 and we have our opportunity to take in the new album from ‘Random aka Mega Ran‘, it’s titled RNDM.

RNDM is a big offering at eighteen tracks long and feels more introspective than much of his previous output. ‘Ran doesn’t often publicly address his faith through his music but the bright and upbeat Believe! is a welcome exception, even to a non-believer like myself. A Poet goes deep with an honest coming of age telling, how biographical it is I couldn’t say with authority, but the song exudes sincerity.

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There are plenty of fun tracks, and fans of Mega Ran‘s chiptune infused style of hip-hop will enjoy the catchy single Infinite Lives, then there’s a party track – Miss Communication, a few bangers like – Rushmore ft Dr Awkward which references many of your favourite nerd rappers (see if you can get them all) and Space Defense Team (Alien Swarm Part 1) which features veteran rapper Kool Keith and a personal favourite of mine, Wordburglar.

Most poignant for me though are two standout tracks. The intro, Same As It Ever Was, is an atmospheric and low-key song on which legendary video game music composer Michiru Yamane (Prominently known for her work on the Castlevania series) provides keys. The second offering the most impact is The Meeting where the rapper splits his personality to rap as both Random and Mega Ran. Both seem to imply that Random is dead, long live Random. It seems like the rapper has opened up this next chapter of his career by moving on with the name that found him the most success, Mega Ran.

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RNDM in many respects feels like ‘Ran putting the past firmly in the past whilst at the same time there’s a healthy dose of what to expect next, and it’s very exciting. This latest album is without doubt Mega Ran‘s most accomplished and competent work to date in every respect. It speaks to you, allows you escapism, entertains you and makes you want to listen again as soon as the final track ends. The production is first class, there’s a good variety of styles without ever feeling disjointed and Mega Ran‘s lyrics are intelligent and thought provoking. It seems this album comes at a time in ‘Ran’s life when his head is in just the right place. He’s about to get married.

There’s a special promotional track for the album available to stream on Soundcloud.


RNDM is available through iTunes now for $9.99 or buy via bandcamp for $10.99.


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    September 15, 2015

    It’s a crime that I haven’t picked this up yet. After this review the first thing I’m doing when I get home is buying this bad boy.


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