Mega Ran: Teacher, Rapper… Author

Mega Ran: Teacher, Rapper… Author

From the classroom to the stage, Nerdcore rapper, Mega Ran, now takes to the page with his first book. ‘Dream Master: A Memoir’.

Describing the book as “part-self-help manual and part educational testimony“, esteemed Nerdcore rapper, Raheem Jarbo, – better known as Mega Ran – has taken time away from writing bars to fill the pages of his first book. ‘Dream Master: A Memoir’.

Written over a five year period, the book details the rise of Mega Ran. From his early days as a latchkey kid in Philly, through a career in teaching and the bold move to quit the profession to become a full-time rapper. His journey has been filled with milestone moments.

Intended to inspire, the rapper explains how hip-hop, education and video games have formed the basis for his career. His dedication to each has paid dividends. Mega Ran was the first rapper ever to be officially licensed by a video company to use their game music to make hip-hop tracks. Indeed he was awarded a Guinness World record in 2018 for being the rapper with the most video game songs.

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Mega Ran has done what many only dream of, and toured the world whilst he’s doing it. Find out more and order your copy of ‘Dream Master: A Memoir’ at

About Dream Master: A Memoir | Part-self-help manual and part educational testimony, Dream Master takes readers on a gripping journey from page one. Through his travels from a latchkey kid in Philadelphia to a lone standout in Phoenix, and finding himself through inspirations from Bo Jackson to the late MF DOOM. “Dream Master” is intimate, gut-wrenching, humorous, and most of all, hopeful.

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