Michigan band, Dogleg, parody Clerks in their new video for ‘Wartortle’

Michigan band, Dogleg, parody Clerks in their new video for ‘Wartortle’

With a visual that impressively parodies Kevin Smith’s cult classic movie, ‘Clerks’, garage rockers, Dogleg rock out on the roof of a convenience store.

From the accurate re-enactment of the opening scenes to several iconic moments from the film, Michigan rockers, Dogleg, present an impressive parody of Kevin Smith’s cult classic movie ‘Clerks’ in their new video.

Dogleg’s front man Alex Stoitsiadis replicates the role of Dante Hicks from the black and white indie flick. At the start we see Stoitsiadis give an accurate account of the film’s opening sequence. Several cut-scenes show the band rocking out on the roof of the convenience store in a nod to the ad-hoc hockey game the hapless clerks embark on in the film.

The video accompanies the song ‘Wartortle’, which in turn is taken from their new album, ‘Melee’. It’s a pop-culture reference overload. From the homage to ‘Clerks’ to the Pokémon inspired song title the tributes to fandom don’t stop there.

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The album title is also derived from pop-culture. In this instance the video game ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’.

Dogleg bass player, Chase Macinski is reportedly something of a master at the game. So much so that the bassist challenges audience members to battle him at live shows. Up for grabs is free band merchandise. Though apparently, not many are successful in their challenge.

The new album from Dogleg is out now through Triple Crown Records.

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