Mikal kHill | corrupted arkHive

Mikal kHill | corrupted arkHive

corrupted arkHive is a new collection of rare and out of print songs and demos from Mikal kHill.

The title is perhaps a reference to the corrupt hard-drive that, amongst other things, helped to delay the release of Mikal kHill and Adam Warrock’s Harry Potter inspired release The Slytherin House Mixtape which dropped some eight months late in February 2013.

This fourteen track release compiles a number of rare and out of print songs from Mikal kHill and friends into one album for the kHompletists out there (see what I did?).┬áSome familiar names from the nerdcore scene make appearances. Of course Mikal’s brothers in arms Sulfur and Adam Warrock are in attendance along with Beefy, Ultraklystron, Whoremoans and Jesse Dangerously.

kHill describes the release as: “featuring a lot of sadness and a couple friends. Features songs from Retro City Rampage EP, the Duck Tales single, the Catelyn Stark/Little Sister single, the Buy Product album, the Interlocking Mechanism album and the first song leaked from Boot Err0r Clik, the new supergroup featuring Sulfur, Blak Angel, Nem, Keyza Soulsay and Mikal kHill.”

corrupted arkHive is available to purchase through Mikal kHill’s bandcamp page where you can get a hold of a digital download for $10 or a physical copy which includes a digital download for $10 plus shipping.

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corrupted arkhive

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