Uncommon Nasa & The Unheard Nerd Team Up To Support ACLU & NPR

Uncommon Nasa & The Unheard Nerd Team Up To Support ACLU & NPR

The Unheard Nerd are honoured to team up with New York rapper Uncommon Nasa for the release of ‘Mink Swimming Pools’. All proceeds go to ACLU and NPR.

‘Mink Swimming Pools’ is a new ten track mixtape from Uncommon Nasa which brings together a collection of his Twilight Zone sampled and inspired work along with two brand new tracks along with some of re-workings of Rod Serling’s monologues that hold particular relevance today.

Released on Inauguration Day in the United States, all proceeds from the release of ‘Mink Swimming Pools’ will be donated to the ACLU and NPR, two organizations that in light of current events in the US can use our help over next four years.

Rod Serling’s work most often had an underlying tone of social justice in it and causes like civil rights, quality and honest broadcasting were important him and his work. His work on the ‘Twilight Zone’ amongst over television and film scripts is as vital and relevant today as it was in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

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He was quoted referring to Hollywood as “The Land of Mink Swimming Pools”, thus the title of this limited edition collection of songs.

The Cassette run of ‘Mink Swimming Pools’ will be limited only to 50, and its online presence will only exist for 2 months after its release on January 20th, 2017. These will be available exclusively from I Had and Accident Records.

‘Mink Swimming Pools’ is available for download from Uncommon Records now and until the 20th March 2017.

Why is The Unheard Nerd involved? | The Unheard Nerd and Uncommon Nasa have enjoyed a mutually respectful relationship for some years now. Both have a passion for giving a voice to the independently minded, and we both love comics.

‘Nasa felt The Unheard Nerd would be a “good fit” for what he wanted to achieve from the release of ‘Mink Swimming Pools’, both in agenda and for the nerdier element that comes with using the ‘Twilight Zone’ as a source material.

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There is no question that 100% of the hard graft and creative talent comes from Uncommon Nasa on this project. The Unheard Nerd, and by association Nerdcore Records, are participating as sponsors, or more accurately, a signal boost. Opening the project to our audience because we believe in ‘Nasa’s cause and motives.

The work of ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is spectacular in the way that it helps to defend civil rights without prejudice or bias. As a site with a global readership – of which a large proportion are based in the U.S. – The Unheard Nerd is humbled to be able to promote awareness of this organisation.

NPR (National Public Radio) is close to my heart already, in particular for the tremendous educational programming available across the globe in the form of their podcasts. Coming out of WNYC is probably the greatest podcast of all time, in my opinion – Radiolab.

Uniquely funded by the public, NPR offer completely independent and unbought reporting.

Mink Swimming Pools


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