The Unheard Nerd Mixtape 8 | Music For Nerds

The Unheard Nerd Mixtape 8 | Music For Nerds

The new music podcast from The Unheard Nerd, this is the mixtape.

Your host Will brings an hour of the best in Nerdcore and indie Hip-Hop with a smattering of dub-step, EDM and much more in-between. This is music for nerds.

Submit your music for consideration via our contact form. Please note, not all music will be used, the process for compiling the show is very organic with an emphasis on maintaining the flow. Don’t despair, your track might appear on another show.

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Title music by: Alpha Riff | Nerd.Core |

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Music on this show:

1 Express Fresh – Expresso
2 Strange Waters – Evolution
3 Variex – Blindfold Parade
4 Ish1da – Tha Monkey King of Tha Drunken Fist ft. Rhyme Artist
5 Tribe One & Mikal kHill – 10 Ten Thousand Miles
6 Homeless & Big Cats – Hawk, Spit
7 Dirty Digital – Lay Low
8 SkyBlew – Spirit Detective 2
9 More Or Les – Heads Down
10 Ghettosocks – Game Tight
11 Wordburglar – Word The Frig Up
12 King Pheenix – Lone
13 Mega Ran – A Poet
14 MC Lars – Zombie T-Rex (Samarei Session)
15 Tekforce – Devastator
16 Ultraklystron – Itsumo (Fruits Basket Tribute)

Will Harrison

About the author | Will Harrison

Founder of The Unheard Nerd. A husband and father of two girls, Will is a fan of Nerdcore Hip-Hop, a comics fiend, a podcast host and champion of independent nerd culture. | Follow will on twitter: @TheUnheardNerd

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    October 04, 2015

    Great mix tape, but where’s the download link? 😛


    • Avatar
      October 04, 2015

      Thanks for the comment. The download link is at the bottom of the post. The podbean logo. Right click on this and save as. I’ll look at ways to make it clearer.


      • Avatar
        October 04, 2015

        Okay. I’ve added a download button to the player now. And I’ll be changing the images at the bottom of the post to make the download process a little clearer. Enjoy!


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