More Marvel For Your TV! Here’s Marvel’s Inhumans!

More Marvel For Your TV! Here’s Marvel’s Inhumans!

A family of Inhumans leave their galactic hiding place and come to Earth to save themselves and the planet

The Inhumans were first introduced during the second season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where it was revealed that one of the main characters, Daisy, was, in fact, one herself.

Marvel announced an Inhumans film for release in 2018 as part of Phase Three of their cinematic universe but this was soon dropped from the schedules with no explanation.

Then last November (2016), it was announced that the Inhumans would be coming to ABC as an eight-part television series instead.

Another big marketing push is that the series has been filmed with IMAX cameras and the first two episodes will premiere in IMAX cinemas for two weeks before appearing on ABC.

The series will follow the royal family of the Inhumans who must flee to Earth after a military coup forces them to leave their hiding place.

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The family consists of the King of Attilan, Black Bolt, who has a voice that can cause destruction with the slightest whisper. Alongside him is wife and queen, Medusa, who has the ability to move and control her hair.

Crystal is Medusa’s sister and the youngest member of the Royal Family, she has the ability to control the elements.

There are also the cousins. Karnak who is the Royal Family’s strategist and philosopher, Triton, who has the ability to live underwater and Gorgon, leader of Attilan’s military, who can generate seismic waves with his hooves.

The bad guy in all this is Black Bolt’s brother Maximus who has a strong devotion to the people of Attilan.

Also, don’t forget Crystal’s 2,000-pound teleporting dog, Lockjaw.

Personally, I think this all looks rather generic and feels like any other superhero origin story. The world is now rapidly filling up with Marvel superheroes. Is there really room for a new family of them?

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You can make up your own mind when Marvel’s Inhumans premieres at IMAX cinemas on 1st of September for two weeks.

The series will then premiere on ABC on the 29th September.


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