More Or Les & Recordface | Heads Down | Video

More Or Les & Recordface | Heads Down | Video

More or Les and Recordface drop a visual for Heads Down from their recent release Post Millennium Tension. You can watch it on your portable electronic device.

Post Millennium Tension is an EP that offers commentary on many elements of modern life, none are quite as on the nose as Heads Down, and observation in lyrical form of the first world’s dependence on their phones, tablets, portable gaming systems and desire to observe live events in augmented reality via their small screens.

The press release that comes with the new video for Heads Down sums up the thought behind the track perfectly:

You’re probably doing it right and don’t even know it. You’re staring into a lit-up screen, right now. Checking emails, checking texts, looking on Facebook, reading a playlist, swiping through pics. You’re doing it right now. And it’s cool – More Or Les does it too. Doing that’s not the problem – doing that all the time over all else instead of interacting with your loved ones, or taking care of someone, or paying attention to the road – doing THAT is the problem. This bass-heavy song with tight drums is about all of that. Recordface and Les only want your attention for four and a half minutes – take a break from instagram, Reddit, 9Gag and whatever the latest crazy thing Kanye said and peep a song about the thing you love the most – your Portable Electronic Device…

Keep a keen eye out for some cameos from your favourite Canadian music makers and creators in this video including Wordburglar and Hand’Solo Records head man Thomas Quinlan too!

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A Heads Down DJ pack is also available to mark the release of the video which features a radio edit, instrumental, and unreleased bonus track Drugs alongside the new visuals. Find that over at the Hand’Solo Records bandcamp page.

[bandcamp width=640 height=640 album=239495224 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=2ebd35 minimal=true]

About More or Les – “Inspired by rap’s pre-gangsta golden age — when good-natured hip-hoppers like Jungle Brothers and Dream Warriors strode the Earth — Les doesn’t just say “it’s about fluency with rhyming ingenuity,” he proves it.” (Toronto Globe & Mail, 2006.)

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