Muse’s Latest Music Video Is Full Of 80’s Nostalgia

Muse’s Latest Music Video Is Full Of 80’s Nostalgia

Muse release an 80’s themed video to promote their upcoming album, Simulation Theory

The English rock band Muse, who formed in 1994, are currently promoting their upcoming eighth studio album, Simulation Theory.

Their latest music video, entitled Pressure, certainly has an incredibly strong 1980’s vibe. It easy to spot the main references which include the sci-fi horror comedy Critters, what looks like an Exterminator/Ghostbusters mash-up and possibly a hint of the more recent Stranger Things.

The whole video is obviously set up to mimic the Enchantment Under The Sea high school dance from the classic 1985 film, Back to the Future with lead singer Matt Bellamy dressed as 1950’s Marty McFly.

To top it all off, the head of the school is played by the awesome actor Terry Crews. You can’t really get much better than that!

It’s interesting to note that the look of the video is obviously a homage to these films to ensure there is no copyright infringement taking place.

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The video was directed by Lance Drake who has worked with Muse many times before. In fact, if you check out the previously released Simulation Theory music videos, also directed by Drake, Thought Contagion and The Dark Side, they all contain strong 1980’s aesthetic and link together to form a single story.

Muse’s eighth studio album, Simulation Theory, is set for release on November 9th.


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