NASA themed G-Shock from Casio is out of this world

NASA themed G-Shock from Casio is out of this world

In space no one can hear you scream. But you can tell the time in style thanks to this new NASA themed G-Shock watch from Casio.

Paying tribute to NASA, Casio have created a new addition for their G-Shock line of watches. Renowned for their ruggedness a G-Shock might be the perfect timepiece to withstand the harshness of space.

Based on a classic DW5600 model, the watch comes in an all white casing reminiscent of the exterior of a space shuttle. A bright red NASA logo adorns the watch face with the U.S. stars and stripes flag printed on the band. The words “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” that make up the famous acronym can also be found on the strap.

When illuminated the watch face reveals an image of the Earth as a backdrop for the time. Meanwhile the rear casing is engraved with an image of the moon.

Officially named ‘DW5600NASA20’ the watch comes protected within a tin reminiscent of an Apollo mission rocket. This in-turn comes packaged in a box that bears an image of the Earth.

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The NASA G-Shock is available online now via the U.S. website with a price tag of $130.00. Sales are limited to one per household.

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