Nerdcore Hip-Hop Hooray | April 13th

Nerdcore Hip-Hop Hooray | April 13th

Nerdcore Hip-Hop HoorayNerdcore Hip-Hop Hooray| A Celebration in Nerdcore Hip-Hop

We round-up the latest news in the world of Nerdcore Hip-Hop into a bite-sized easy to digest review. Tours, gigs, albums, news and rumours, this is your one-stop Hip-Hop Hooray!

Adam Warrock is on a Marvel Now tip, Lars and Random add UK dates.

Adam Warrock Pays Tribute To Marvel Now.

If you subscribe to Adam Warrock’s YouTube channel (And you should) you’ll have seen his week long tribute to Marvel’s current run of new comics. I wrote up about his Norrin Radd song earlier in the week, since then he’s gone on to release tracks about Ms. Marvel, Ghost Rider, She Hulk and Moon Knight. Head over to YouTube to enjoy these now.

MC Lars Adds Two More UK Dates.

MC Lars has added two more dates to his Spring UK tour with nights in Manchester and Newcastle alongside Goldfinger and Zebrahead. For more information and a full list of venues check out

In other news, Lars’ kickstarter campaign designed to raise funds to complete his latest full-length album ended up raising a staggering $42,213, way over his initial $10,000 target. Fans can now look forward to some stretch goal extras including two new music videos which will credit all backers (all 1,017 of them) as producers. Sadly the campaign fell a couple of thousand shy of Lars throwing a BBQ party and live streamed concert.

On the subject of the album, set to be titled The Zombie Dinosaur LP, Lars also confirmed on facebook this week that Roger Lima from ska/punk rockers Less Than Jake will be appearing on the album.

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Other artists confirmed include Adam Warrock, Watsky, Schäffer the Darklord, Mega Ran, Shael Riley and the Suburban Legends.

Keep up to date at

Mega Ran At PAX East + UK Dates.

Mega Ran will be appearing alongside MC Frontalot at a couple of post PAX East parties tonight and tomorrow night. ‘Ran will also be making a jaunt over to the UK later in the year when he plays Superbyte in Manchester. He’s also trying to put together a European tour to coincide with those September dates so hit him up if you can help. More on that event closer to the date.


Mr Wilson + Maros + DNA.

Yet more gig news and this time it’s Mr Wilson, Maros and DNA in Arizona towards the end of April at Katana-palooza which celebrates its fourth year.

Maros gig

Phew! That’s a lot of gigs.

Dr Awkward + Vince Vandal | League Of Legends | Video

Finally, here’s one that may have passed a few by. Dr Awkward and Vince Vandal continue their work together with a League Of Legends Rap video.

Awk (Dr. Awkward) and Vandal (Vince Vandal) are back to the world of video game raps with a new take on League of Legends. Inspired by Ashe – The Frost Archers and Queen of the Freljord, they crafted a song from the point of view of the young leader.

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