Nerdcore Hip-Hop Hooray | March 30th

Nerdcore Hip-Hop Hooray | March 30th

Nerdcore Hip-Hop HoorayNerdcore Hip-Hop Hooray| A Celebration in Nerdcore Hip-Hop

We round-up the latest news in the world of Nerdcore Hip-Hop into a bite-sized easy to digest review. Tours, gigs, albums, news and rumours, this is your one-stop Hip-Hop Hooray!

MC Lars heads back to the UK – dates are released, the March of the scrubs draws to a close, Alpha Riff drops the first single from his new album and MegaRan has something to announce.

The Zombie Dinosaur T-Rex Spring 2014 UK Tour

It’s far from being the catchiest title for a tour but who cares? Lars is headed back the UK for his annual trip that takes in all three stops of the Slam Dunk Festival. Lars makes the long trip between Glasgow, for his first date on the 17th of May, and London on the 19th where he plays the same venue he packed out last year on the Pentonville Road. I’ll be there, will you?


The March Of The Scrubs Draws To A Close

If you’ve been following the month long celebration of all things Scrub Club Records then you’ll have picked up on a fair bit of new, free music. Since the last edition of Nerdcore Hip-Hop Horray there have been new release from Maros, Starf, Service Lab and the long awaited collaborative, political release from 404 device. Long in the pipeline The Anarchist Rhymebook features King Pheenix, Untested Methods, Illuminerdi, and MadHatter. The version currently available is made up of six tracks though an extended version is expected soon feature more industrial/hip-hop flavours along with some remixes.

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As always all of the label’s music is available to download for free from

Alpha Riff + MZ – Me And My A.I.

Alpha Riff + MZ have dropped the first single from their forthcoming new album Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel. The track Me And My A.I. is available now as a name your price release via bandcamp.

[bandcamp width=640 height=640 track=2254307630 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708 minimal=true]

MegaRan’s Big Announcement

Random aka MegaRan is gearing up for big, big announcement in April. What it is we don’t know, but it’s got to be something pretty awesome for ‘ran to hype it. Until he shouts the news out he’s inviting fans to guess at what it could be. All you have to do is take to twitter, tag him in (@megaran) and use the hashtag #RansAnnouncement.

In other MegaRan news he appears on a spoken word track alongside Spoken Nerd and Ceschi titled Being a Big Guy isn’t all that bad.

[bandcamp width=640 height=640 album=3387238308 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708 minimal=true t=1]


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