Nerdcore Now Turns To Tumblr

Nerdcore Now Turns To Tumblr

Nerdcore Now Turns To Tumblr After A Year In The Dark. was once the thriving centre of the nerdcore community where artists could showcase their talents. Over the last year though the site has fallen into a slumber as site owner Danger Aaron has struggled with personal commitments and time constraints. But the site is back in a new format on the tumblr platform and Aaron and site partner Beaker Sullivan have been busy adding a mass of content from the last year.

Aaron introduces the change in this statement:

“Without a doubt 2013 was an extremely difficult year for Nerdcore Now. For that matter myself. My life had taken many turns in which I was forced to re-prioritize. Finding the time to balance life along with updating Nerdcore Now became near impossible. So for months the website has sat idle. From what started off as a massively popular year (100K + page views in January 2013) ended in a abysmal slump.

Around Spring of last year, my partner on the website, Bryan (“beaker”) had an idea to transform the content portion of Nerdcore Now into a Tumblr blog. I didn’t put too much thought into the idea at the time. Yet after months of bleak nothingness a change needed to be made. The great thing about the Tumblr platform is it is dead simple to get content pushed out.

So we’ve been going back through the catalog of submissions and getting the content on the new Tumblr site. We’ll continue to add as much to the backlog as possible while we work out the details for artist submissions.

We’ll also be looking for volunteers who want to add submissions to the website. Tumblr should certainly make this task a bit easier to manage.

I really want to thank all of you that have stuck by us through the think and thin. I’ve had several people thank me in the past months for running this website. I have to say it has been hard to accept that thanks when I know I’ve let the site slip so far into the oblivion. Now with the revised platform I truly hope we can once again get great Nerdcore music out the masses.”

The tumblr site certainly provides a good platform for showcasing new content in a simplistic way, but one of the great things about the site in the past was the way it nurtured new talent and got contributor’s juices flowing with a once annual compilation album and the Vocalist/Producer Challenges. I certainly hope this re-invention brings some of the former glory back to the site, in particular the forums which have been around in one form or another for years.

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