Nerdcore’s Having A Hard Time Letting This Go | Who Is Alex Trebek? | Video

Nerdcore’s Having A Hard Time Letting This Go | Who Is Alex Trebek? | Video

When the biggest names in Nerdcore come together like Voltron you know you’re in for something… kinda fun?

It’s unlikely Alex Trebek anticipated becoming the target of a backlash campaign, but when the veteran game show host brandished fans of Nerdcore hip-hop ‘losers’ on Jeopardy! the nerdcore community decided to strike back en masse.

Adopting the hashtag #SuckItTrebek fans of Nerdcore have taken to social media to make their displeasure at Trebek’s comments known. The host of Jeopardy! for some thirty years was getting to know contestant Susan Cole on the show. When Cole mentioned that she’s a big fan of Nerdcore hip-hop Trebek commented that ‘it doesn’t sound like much fun’, the contestant persisted, describing typical content found in the lyrics of the genre and that it might be about folks who have a hard time finding love. Trebek quipped ‘Losers in other words’.

The Nerdcore community has rallied behind Susan Cole with rappers offering her free albums, entry to gigs and more. Fans have been reaching out with words of support via social media and Cole has become an unlikely figurehead for the genre.

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We’ve already seen rappers like Mega Ran and MC Lars throw out freestyle raps on the subject but now the pair have joined up with just about every Nerdcore rapper of note for an Alex Trebek diss track.

Featured on the track titled ‘Who Is Alex Trebek?’ – a play on the concept of the game show he hosts – are Schaffer the Darklord, Beefy, MC Hawking, MC Lars, Mega Ran, YT Cracker, Dual Core, Mikal kHill, Richie Branson, Sammus, Dr Awkward, Jesse Dangerously and MC Frontalot.

Sure, we all realise the scene is making the most of a little press exposure (MC Lars references this in his bars) and undoubtedly no-one really took offense to Trebek’s comment, which he immediately backpedalled on. But, as our writer Stuart so eloquently put, the incident has allowed the scene to rally and make a statement about being comfortable in yourself, regardless of the names people will throw at you.

We’re waiting to see if Trebek posts a response track.

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