Zachary Levi Needs $1m For NerdHQ | Indiegogo

Zachary Levi Needs $1m For NerdHQ | Indiegogo

Zachary Levi needs your help to fund NerdHQ 2014.

Who is Zachary Levi? He’s the actor who played the titular character in the popular series Chuck. What is NerdHQ? NerdHQ is an event that runs alongside but is not affiliated with the San Diego Comic-Con.

Running since 2011 the event has been funded mostly by sponsorships but usually the funds from sponsors don’t come in until shortly before or after the event has happened. Last year Zachary lost out in quite a big way financially having fronted much of the cost himself. In order to keep the event running he’s turned to crowd-funding this time around. Asking for just a $5 donation he hopes to raise the $1,000,000 needed to bring the event back in 2014.

What’s so great about NerdHQ? Impressively the event is free to attend with the exception of merchandise, food and drink. What it offers is the opportunity for fans to interact closely with their celebrity heroes from the world of pop culture.

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As with most indiegogo campaigns there are different price levels. What’s different about the NerdHQ campaign is that each of these price levels will all receive the same incentive, the peace of mind and good karma from knowing you helped a worthwhile cause. Why is it a worthwhile cause? Well, apart from looking like a great, fun event to attend it also serves as a fundraiser for Operation Smile charity.

Check out the videos below and head over to the NerdHQ indiegogo for a whole heap more information, news and videos. And then donate $5 if you can.


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