Nerdist Gets A Reboot

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Nerdist Gets A Reboot

An all new launches with a message from Chris Hardwick.

From humble beginnings in 2008 the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, has grown the website from a TypePad blog into the new, fresh looking magazine site it’s become today.

The site will continue to form the home of the hugely popular Nerdist Podcast and other shows associated with the network, as well as the latest in pop culture news with a promise of much more video content too.

I’ve long been an admirer of Chris Hardwick and the way he’s built up his Nerdist network over the last few years. Starting as a humble blog, Nerdist has grown into a wide, digital community incorporating a podcast network, a YouTube channel, live shows, TV shows and more. Things expanded further by forming Nerdist Enterprises and merging with Geek Chic Daily.

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In July 2012 it was revealed that Nerdist Enterprises had been bought by Legendary Entertainment, the people behind blockbuster movies like The Dark Knight Rises, Inception and 300 to name but a few. Hardwick assured readers that it was not a buy OUT, simply an acquisition of operations as they stood.

Hardwick and his partner Peter Levin still maintain control of the company. The pair now run the digital arm of Legendary whilst receiving the backing required to allow them to improve the output from Nerdist.

Check out Chris Hardwick’s reveal of the new site at


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