Nerdy guitarists – you might just need the Super Fuzz Boy

Nerdy guitarists – you might just need the Super Fuzz Boy

If you like to represent your love for retro-gaming whilst rocking out, you might want Raygun FX’s ‘Super Fuzz Boy’ on your pedal board.

In the British coastal town of Southend-on-sea in Essex, Raygun FX are custom building guitar FX pedals, and one in particular has caught my eye. The ‘Super Fuzz Boy’ is, as the name suggests, a fuzz pedal. But this is no ordinary fuzz pedal. This one is built into an original Game Boy housing.

What started as a fun, one-off project resulted in numerous email enquiries from guitarists eager to add this unique pedal to their setup. Now Raygun are making limited batches of the ‘Super Fuzz Boy’ as and when casings are available.

Because each unit is hand built and sourcing batches of original Game Boy housings can be time consuming, the lead time on the pedal can be as much as two months. But what you’ll receive is a fantastic looking piece of kit that functions as well as you’d expect any FX pedal to.

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Where the d-pad is usually found you’ll find the all important footswitch. Raygun have gone for a soft touch, non-clicking switch. The Game Boy’s A and B buttons are also swapped out with controls for volume and fuzz.

There are some nice extra touches too. The screen is illuminated to give that authentic Game Boy look and each pedal also comes with a (non-functioning) ‘Super Fuzz Boy’ game cartridge.

Pre-orders are currently open for the next batch of ‘Super Fuzz Boy’ FX pedals at Each unit costs £109.00 plus very reasonable shipping costs.

Team this pedal up with the Delorean Analogue Delay we showcased last month and you’re well on your way to having the most fandom inspired pedal board out there.

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