The NES Classic, Now With Added Retro Trailer

The NES Classic, Now With Added Retro Trailer

Most of us at The Unheard Nerd are excited for the miniature version of the Nintendo Entertainment System, or ‘NES Classic’ as it’s called, and now there’s a retro trailer for it too.

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything revolutionary, but, we weren’t really expecting surprises from what is essentially a miniature NES shell pre-loaded with 30 classic games. What the trailer does show is a series of visuals showcasing some of the games you’ll be able to play, all accompanied by the instantly recognisable 8-Bit soundtracks that add to the sense of nostalgia.

This kind of concept is hardly groundbreaking, there have been similar versions of the SEGA MegaDrive around for years, but never hitting the nostalgia G-Spot in quite the same way as this official Nintendo unit which benefits from utilising the original form factor.

If you can’t wait for the November release and if you possess a basic practical skill set you could 3D print a mini NES case and fit it out with a Raspberry Pi, loaded with RetroPie, which would result in an equally cute looking console capable of playing infinitely more games than Nintendo’s official classic. You can also bet that there a plenty of folk waiting for the release of the NES Classic simply to rip the guts out and cram a Raspberry Pi into it for the same effect.

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I have my own Raspberry Pi retro console project on the go too, but I’m still very tempted to put the NES Classic on my Christmas list this year because, well… it’s so damn cute.

NES Classic

The NES Classic will retail for $59.99 in the states, that’s confirmed as £49.99 in the U.K. with an additional controller costing a further £7.99. Pre-orders are now open via the official Nintendo store.

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