NES Keytar-Hero Plays Game Of Thrones Theme. Includes Lasers. Too Much Nerd!

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NES Keytar-Hero Plays Game Of Thrones Theme. Includes Lasers. Too Much Nerd!

An NES crossed with a Guitar Hero controller, a kids toy keyboard, a Raspberry Pi and a couple of controllers equals more nerd than you could ever have expected in one video.

If this Frankenstein’s monster scale bastardisation of cool nerdy stuff wasn’t enough creator, Greig Stewart (Something of a modern age Jean Michel Jarre perhaps?), plays the theme to Game Of Thrones on it, with laser back-drop. Hats off oh king of the nerds. Hat’s off!

Grieg, aka Theremin Hero gives a breakdown of components and functions on his website

Most of the buttons are functional and can be remapped to different functions, as can the whammy bar. It also has an onboard arpeggio and drum sequencer.

The sound comes from the original RP2A03 chip in the NES, giving it that classic 8-bit sound. All of the available sound channels are utilised.

The software runs on a raspberry pi and is written in a language called Pure Data (pd). There are various modes including a midi controller mode as well as a standalone mode, which allows the whole instrument to be used with a battery pack.

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Guitar Hero Controller
Famicom Controller
NES controller
Toy Keyboard
3 Mini Arduinos
Raspberry Pi
Midi IN/OUT connections
MidiNES / Chip Maestro

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