Netflix | Space Force With Not A Trump In Sight!

Netflix | Space Force With Not A Trump In Sight!

Netflix has a new comedy show about a Space Force set-up by the US president. Hang on…

In June 2018, the 45th President of the United States announced that he was going to create a new sixth branch of the Armed Forces. This new division was to be called the Space Force. By December 2019, this was made official.

The following January, Netflix announced they had ordered a ten episode season of Space Force, co-created by Greg Daniels and Steve Carell.

Very Star Trek-ish!

Here we are sixteen months later and what do we have? In all that time, Trump has managed a new Space Force flag (very Star Trek in design!), and Netflix gave us a whole new series premiering on May 29th.

In Space Force, Steve Carell plays Mark Naird, a general who is placed in charge of the new division and must get “boots on the moon” as per the orders of the president.

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Space Force will premiere on Netflix on May 29th.

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