Netflix Teases Their Take On “Lost in Space”

Netflix Teases Their Take On “Lost in Space”

Netflix teases their latest original show, Lost in Space, with a glimpse of the family Robinson

Lost in Space was originally a science fiction show which first aired in 1965 and ran for three seasons. The premise for the show was that of the American family Robinson lead by the parents, Dr John Robinson and Dr Maureen Robinson.

They had three children, Judy, Penny and Will who are joined by the ship’s robot who had the famous catchphrase of, “Danger Will Robinson!”

They were due to take a five-year mission into space onboard the Jupiter 2 spacecraft piloted by Major Don West. Their quest, to reach the system of Alpha Centauri which may contain hospitable planets suitable for human life.

However, it wasn’t just America trying to reach to the stars, other nations are fighting to get their first as well, even if that means sabotaging rival missions.

Enter Dr Zachary Smith, a double agent who tries to thwart the Jupiter 2 mission but becomes an unwitting stowaway when the ship launches into space. His actions cause the Jupiter to jump into hyperspace prematurely, with the added weight of Dr Smith onboard, the calculations for the trip are skewed and the Jupiter 2 becomes Lost in Space.

The show was famously turned into a big budget major motion picture in 1998 starring William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc and Gary Oldman. A trilogy of films was planned but when the initial box office returns failed to recoup the production budget, those plans were scrapped.

Now Netflix is taking a shot at the premise and whilst this trailer reveals very little apart from the family Robinson themselves, we do learn it will be available to watch from the 13th of April.


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